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Our Story. 

Out of frustration, the Invisi-Fast Hidden Deck Fastener was engineered and launched in 2003. Not too long after, the Glacier Snow Guard came into existence.  M.M. Products, Inc. was founded to ensure ease of installation, safety, and durability. Our business is focused around you, the customer. Our goal, every day, is to provide the best customer service, every time. 

M.M. Products, Inc. consists of two brands; Invisi-Fast Hidden Deck Fasteners and Glacier Snow Guard. The Invisi-Fast Hidden Deck Fastener line consists of deck fasteners for both grooved and non-grooved deck boards. Our grooved deck board fasteners are compatible with most grooved deck board brands. The Invisi-Fast line does not require any special tools for installation. Our deck fasteners allow for individual board replacement, should a deck board ever get damaged. Both styles of deck fasteners are made of polycarbonate, which is the same material that bullet-proof glass and airplane windows are made of. More information can be obtained at

Our next brand is the Glacier Snow Guard, which is your trusted protection from harmful snow slides. Within the Glacier Snow Guard brand, there are two options; Traditional and Mini. Both guards are made of tough polycarbonate material. The Glacier Snow Guard has an innovative waffle surface for optimum bonding to material. To further your knowledge about the Glacier Snow Guard, visit

M.M. Products proudly manufactures all parts in the United States of America, and we are proud of that. We stand by our products and entrust that you will love them, just as we do. 

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